Let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my artistic life.
   My name is Lida Arakelyan, but on the stage and among all of my fans I am known as Lidushik. I was born on July 11,1999 in Yerevan, Armenia. I attend public shchool. I am also a student at the Cultural School studing pipe and piano. I attend Dance  Studio and of course take private vocal lessons.
   I like singing more than anything in my life and work very hard to succeed in my singing career. First I have started to sing for my family members and our guests. I have loved singing and dancing so much that I have asked my grandmother to  enroll me in “Arevik” children’s and youth ensemble of the Public Radio where my stage life has started. I have been one of the active singers in "Arevik" from April of 2002 till September of 2010.
   Since 2002 I have participated in siging and dancing festivals, in charitable concerts and was shot in many TV shows. In 2003 when I was only 4 years old I took a tour to Syria with my dance studioand later in 2006 I went to Bulgaria, in 2007 and 2008 to Cyprus and Georgia with our "Arevik" ensemble.
   My first song was recorded in 2003 and my first music video was shot in2008 called “Poqreri Ashkhar” ("Kids' World"). This is the song that brought me recognition.
   And the next song which brought me fame is “Pare”/”The Dance”/ in 2011.This song was broadcasted on different TV shows,radio stations,newspapers and magazines.
 On July 11 of 2010 my first DVD album with my 2 music videos "Kids World" & "Yerg em Horinel " was released and presented to the public.(video)

 In 2011 I represented Armenia at the international competition of popular music New Wave Junior and got the special prize from Rai Uno TV channel,which let me to take part in the “Ti lascio una canzone2012” TV show as a guest.It was held in Rome on December 4 of 2012. Later I took part in the “Christmas Song Of The Year 2011,2012” concerts in Moscow .(video) We also  performed with Lara Fabian,Igor Krutoy and Leonid Agutin.

 On February 5 of 2012 was the presentation  of my first CD album with my 11 original songs .(video)

  In 2012 I also presented in New Wave as a guest performing the song “Yesli ti so mnoy” in a duet with Dominick Jocker and in 2013 I performed with  prominent singer Tamara Gverdtsitely the song "Mom's Eyes".

  In 19/01/2013 ny first solo concert was held in Gyumri.The second one was in Los Angeles at Alex Theatre in 24/02/2013.Later in 14/07/2013, my third live in concert and 14th birthday celebration was held in Yerevan at Aram Khachatryan Concert Hall.There were 3 special gusets of th concert: Diana Kalashova from Czech Republic,Raffi Arto from France and Nune Yesayan.

 In 13/08/2013 was my 6th music video presentation in Yalta/ "Qo Nman" Lidushik feat Diana Kalashova/.

 In December,28 2014 my fourth solo concert was held in Pasadena Civic Auditorium in CA,USA.
  I'm greatful to all my teachers, directors, professors who have taught me to sing, dance, properly present myself on the stage  since I was 3 years old. I am also greatful to my family and especially to my grandmother Gohar who has stood by me throught all my steps in my singing carrer.  I’m also greatful to all my fans and especially to all kids who like and perform my songs.
With Love

Gohar - My grandmother who accompanies and helps me everywhere.She has stood by me throughout all my steps in my singing carrirer. 
Edgar Aleksanyan Duetro Studio/ Soundperson,Miusician,Record Lebel/ - He has been working with me since 2008 making arrangements for more than 18 original songs music.He is responsible for the sound of my live in concerts,CD records and for all the audios.He was the the sound engineer of the my solo concerts.
Ruzanna Jambazyan  / Vocalist/ Since 2011
Artyom Harutyunyan /Director-Producer/ - He has been working with me since 2009 and is responsible for staging my concerts and TV performances. He is the director of my 6 music videos.He was the director of my  solo concerts.
George Zohrabyan's Angels Dance Club / Since 2011
Aram Nikolyan           / Fashion Stylist-Designer / Since 2009.
Anna Nazaryan          / Make up/ Since 2009
Serjh Avetisya           / Hair Stylist/Since 2010
M2 Production           /Editor/ Since 2009
David Nersisyan                / Art-Designer / All my CD,DVD covers, posters,banners and other printable materials designed by David since 2009.
Hakob Jaghatspanyan      / Webmaster/ Since 2010.

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